Vesturgata 6-8

101 Reykjavík, 706,6 m²

Croisette Real Estate Partner presents for sale:

It is the entire premises of Vesturgata 6-8 in 101 Reykjavik.
One of the oldest restaurants in the heart of downtown.
A great story and house in a prime location in Reykjavik connecting Kvosina and Reykjavik Harbour.

Fixed number: F222-3220 are registered 301,2m2 and F200-0567 are registered 405,4m2
Total: 706,6m2. Usable square meters are considerably higher as a large proportion of the top floor lies beneath the soup or with about 800m2 of usable space.The house has an upper floor bed and breakfast under a dispute structure.


Beer baths are licensed in the basement and restaurant or bistro on the main floor. There are drawings for that. On the main floor is a ready-made kitchen with a large shark.

Permission for a balcony on the eastern fork of the house that will do a lot for the house. See drawings. Sprinkler system present in the house which is fine.West 6-8's block has a fairly remarkable and long history. Entrepreneur Geir Zoëga built the house in 1882, while Geir was envisaged, including exiting, commerce and farming. Geir was also the first in iceland to make tourist reception a job.Originally, the houses were used as commercial buildings, both as commercial buildings and salt-painting houses.

In 1883 Geir built both gaffes of the house, and six years later he extended the house to the west. In 1897, he built a fish storage house on the western fork, which was subsequently expanded in 1902. By then, the houses had reached their current size.

In 1915, the ailing shop house was placed and the windows were expanded two years later and operated Geirsbúð until 1982.

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