Icelandic real estate and economy report 2020

Iceland is rich with natural resources such as renewable energy, beautiful landscape, glaciers, and more but there are many other opportunities on the horizon for foreign investors in Iceland.

This report is intended to give interested parties detailed information about the Icelandic economy and real estate market. The report is split into two major sections: (1) The Icelandic economy and (2) the Icelandic real estate market. The first chapter focuses on giving the reader an introduction to economic conditions, the financial crisis and recovery, Covid-19, market expectations and economic forecasts.

In the second section, the real estate market is introduced both the residential and commercial market. We focus on the capital region in this report as the region houses more than 2/3 of the population. In-depth analysis of yield trends, transaction volume, and value. Mapping of major commercial clusters and rental yield across CBD areas and real estate type.

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Styrmir Bjartur Karlsson Managing Director, Croisette Iceland
Styrmir Bjartur Karlsson

Managing Director, Croisette Iceland

Mob: + 354 899 9090

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